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About the company


     ”STEK” Company was founded in 1997 and since then it has been dedicating to supplies of various types of equipment to metal works and metal-processing facilities. The enterprise “STEK” has the opportunity to provide new machinery as well as used at acceptable price. Collaboration with the “STEK” Company would allow you to completely fit out your plant with different industrial equipment, to organize delivery at the earliest possible date and to upgrade the existing machinery park.

     Our company is highly experienced in supplies of equipment “turnkey” to different Russian plants, including those of defense-industrial sector.

     The “STEK” Company is a qualified exporter of equipment to many countries of the world.

     For the purpose of renewal lathes machinery equipment  at your plant the “STEK” Company as a authorized (official) dealer, offers machine tools manufactured by ZAO «Srednevolzhsky machine-tool factory» who is the unique CIS manufacturer of super precision and extended precision lathes under trade mark SAMAT.

     May we bring your attention to the following types of brand-new lathes:


  • universal engine lathes
  • multipurpose lathes with operating programming control “Vector”
  • CNC chuck-and-shaft lathe
  • Lathe centers
  • Backing off lathes

     Basing on our customers’ wishes and inquiries and needed specifications the “STEK” Company may seek for required equipment including unique machines both new and used.

     Our customers may opt for new and used equipment offered from previous exploitation sites: unclaimed, never used, without wear or little worn, as well as after revitalization, renovation, refurbishing and reconditioning. 

     Our customers may choose acceptable payment form, step-by-step payment, equipment reservation at instant payment prices. Flexible discount system allows to save time and money on seeking for equipment at right price. Besides, agent fees are presupposed.

     At the same time “STEK” Company would purchase used machinery for metallurgy and metal processing:


  • metal-cutting equipment
  • different presses such as: forging, stamping, trimming, coining, drawing, vertical and horizontal, hydraulic and mechanic
  • forging and stamping hammers
  • metallurgical equipment
  • tube making equipment
  • rolling mills
  • forging machines (upsetters)
  • scrap baling presses
  • parts, accessories and spare parts to machine tools

     We are open to positive cooperation with any customer.

STEK LTD metal-working and forge-and-press machinery